As part of our film brief, we were tasked with going out and taking out of the ordinary film shots. This shot was taken in Leamington Spa – I included this shot on my website as I really liked the dull and grainy effect that the film has on it. I felt it really suited the black and white film photography.

Stratford upon Avon Greenway

These selection of images were taken at Stratford Greenway, this bridge has been disused since 1976. The bridge was initially used as a line from Stratford’s Racecourse.

Final Major Project

These short collection of images were used for my final major project as part of the Visual Communications course.
I chose the topic of the project to be ‘crime’ and created a series of forensic-type photography.

Working with Light

This unit, as part of the Visual Communications Course was called ‘Painting with light’. This task, used a DSLR camera and was completed in the studio. To do this task, we had to collect some lighting props, for this we used Studio Gels as combined with a slow shutter speed, created an awesome outcome!

In The Studio

These three images, were an introduction for me to Studio Gels. Studio Gels, are placed over any studio lighting creating a change of colour in the light. Studio Gels, are mainly used in marketing and advertising as they are eye catching and warm colours.

Real Life Superheros #superhero

I have to say, working with the NHS Staff at Warwick Hospital was amazing. One of the best projects I have worked on to date. Interviewing, photographing and just getting to know the day-to-day pressures that the NHS staff have to deal with is immense and they can still keep smiling all the way through!

Creative Writing...

Hello, I’m Ben and welcome to my website! I’m a 19 year old aspiring photographer from Stratford-upon-Avon. 

I hope you enjoy my work exhibited on this page, stay tuned for more to come! 

If you have a story, an event or something to say, I’d love to capture it for you with images. Please get in touch.